Dominique Van Wieringen

Dominique is quickly becoming the new, fresh face of stock car racing and is a reflection of stock car racing’s international reach. She is intensely focused on a development plan that, with proper sponsorship support, may take her to the upper echelon of NASCAR competition. She is smart, fun and talented behind the wheel. Both on and off track, Dominique offers cross market opportunities to industry leading companies who are involved in North American Commerce.

Fan Questions

  • How to you balance school and racing?

    It takes discipline and committment. It's hard sometimes, more so on my parents! It's really no different than playing a school sport, only I'm driving a 2,000 lb racecar at speeds of over 150 MPH side by side with other cars on a small track.

  • Driven to Succeed

    Fans are intensely loyal to their drivers and sponsors who support them. Choosing those brands 3:1 over non-sponsors.

  • On Track

    Fans are able to recall and accurately name more sponsoring brands involved in racing than in any other sport.

  • At Home

    Dominique is an ordinary girl who does extraordinary things in a race car. We invite you to get to know her!

  • Giving Back

    We are honored to help in the fundraising activies in support of Relay For Life!

    Relay For Life